GATE Preparation Tips by I2E

GATE Exam Preparation

Every engineering students dream is to get good all india ranks in the gate examination but their has to be some strategy for the gate preparation.

“Focus on Speed and Accuracy and Regular Revisions is key for success in GATE Exam.”

Preparation for Gate Exam

One of the most important tips for gate preparation is focus on speed and accuracy because now a days it has been observed that gate papers are coming very easy so competition has increased that means out of 100 marks students should score 70 to 80 marks range to get good options after gate exam. So in order to get the above gate score speed along accuracy will play a key role to crack gate examination.

Next GATE Exam Tips

Next gate exam tips is do the daily gate syllabus revision many times which helps the students to crack the gate exam and also prepare first easy gate subjects and then tough gate subjects these all strategies have been taught in the I2E gate academy in pune.
In the Gate academy also next gate preparation tips are covered that is called students planning monitoring sheets in which students have to prepare their own subjects completion deadlines and in that sheet all gate preparation steps are mentioned that means which subjects to read and from where to read and wine to solve gate online test series which is the most important gate preparation tips.

Last 5 days reserve for Revision

In the Gate Coaching classes in pune it is rightly said the last five days gate revision plays the key role to crack gate examination and also last two months students have to dedicate especially for the gate self preparation.

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