Tricky Questions for Gate Exam

GATE EXAM is second tough exam for Engineering Students

“GATE Exam is considered to be second tough exam for engineering students.”
The GATE Paper Pattern is purely objective paper whose detailed online solution is provided every year by the I2E gate Coaching center in pune. The detailed gate solutions are provided in the form of gate online videos, gate study material and in discussion form to students once the gate paper is completed.

Tricky questions types

Since last three years before in gate many tricky questions are coming which are fill in the blank questions whose options are not given the gate examination and for those questions there are no negative markings. GATE tricky questions sample are many which can be seen at IMPERIAL INSTITUTE OF EXCELLENCE website which is available for free of cost to students like for Mechanical engineering gate paper below question is the best example,
Question – Find the viscosity of the fluid with force required to produce sliding between the plate is 10Newton and distance between them 10mm and with velocity difference between layers is 5m/s ……


Such kind of gate questions are tricky because there are no options in the gate examination and such questions are now part of the gate syllabus but students don’t have to worry much because all these gate tricky questions preparation is done at I2E which is the best gate Coaching center in pune.

How to handle Tricky Questions?

Gate tricky questions can be handled very properly once students knows all the fundamentals concept very carefully which are taught only in few gate coaching center in pune and amongst all institutes, I2E gate institute in pune is the best to get rid of these questions.

Join a reliable and best GATE Coaching institute like Imperial institute of excellence

The coaching institutes play very vital role in guiding students in best possible way. The institutes which are having experienced faculties who will prepare you for your GATE Exam and will provides the best guidence for students to achieve their goals in GATE Examinations.

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